Rubén M.Cenzano

Chartered Civil Engineer specialised in Transportation

Ingeniero de Caminos especialista en Transporte

map of public charging points

Posted On Tuesday, 30 September 2014

[EN-ES] Find the closest public charging point to where you are:

Encuentra el punto de carga eléctrica más cercano a donde te encuentres.

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Colombia's PPP masterplan

Posted On Friday, 19 September 2014

Colombia is continues with the PPP concessions masterplan. Five contracts were signed last week while another four are planned by November, which will complete the first leg of the '4G plan' to build 8,000km of roads:

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smartphone users' lane

Posted On Monday, 15 September 2014

Is it really needed a 'smartphone users lane'? Chongqing city in China has set up China's 1st 'exclusive sidewalk for mobile phone users' ...
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Koolicar: a new French car-hire service ...

Posted On Sunday, 14 September 2014

Koolicar: a new French car-hire service between private individuals, where no keys change hands

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the future of vehicle 2 vehicle technology (V2V)

Is vehicle 2 vehicle technology (V2V) any solution? Timing and costs could make it unfeasible.

"Benefit/cost case for it has not yet been made, and a that a great many other questions have not yet been seriously addressed", according to Robert Poole:

new roads to include rubber

New roads to include rubber (~20%) and reclaimed asphalt pavement (up to 100% within the USA).

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€11.9bn to improve European transport connections

The European Commission is inviting Member States to propose projects to use € 11.9bn of EU funding to improve European transport connections:

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