Rubén M.Cenzano

Chartered Civil Engineer specialised in Transportation

Ingeniero de Caminos especialista en Transporte

Forth Road Bridge (Edinburgh, UK)

Posted On Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The (old) Forth Road Bridge was the road bridge linking Scotland's capital city (Edinburgh) with the central-east part of the country. Corrosion problems detected in 2005 pushed forward the decision of building a new bridge in 2007, planned to be opened by 2016.

I assessed the future year scheme model options utilising various future year scenarios, junction optimisation and operation during traffic management conditions. I worked for more than a year in this project using S-Paramics, a microsimulation package.

Further information:
Forth Replacement Crossing (information from Transport Scotland)

Gatwick Infrastructure Provision (London, UK)

London was suffering air space congestion and forecasts highlighted this problem to be worsening in the coming years. Heathrow vs Gatwick was an interesting case to assess which option was preferred against the other.

I helped upgrading the SATURN models including the Long Term Service model run; running them with and without the airport expansions and analysing the results. I analysed and adjusted the traffic counts, helping to develop the calibration/validation process.

(40+) Traffic / Technical Due Diligence (Europe, Americas)

The most relevant role I developed during my two stages at LeighFisher (Edinburgh and Bologna) was the one as a traffic and technical advisor on investment opportunities in public concessions:
- 23 highway projects in the Americas comprising 2,000+ km, including the Necaxa­-Tihuatlan Highway (Mexico)
- 10 highway projects in Europe comprising 1,000 km, including the M50 (Dublin)
- 4 tunnel projects in Europe comprising 15 km, including the Envalira Tunnel (Andorra)
- 8 rail concessions in Europe comprising 85 km, including Metro Barajas (Madrid)

I had a central role in these projects, carrying out my own tasks and managing, leading and supporting international teams (team members in Italy, the U.K. and India).
My duties comprised the analysis of the quality and quantity of the data provided by the client in order to understand, verify and assess the economic profitability of the concession. I carried out an analysis based on traffic, general analysis of the OPEX and CAPEX costs and compliance with Health and Safety regulations. I analysed the main concession contract documents for the assets (concession, construction, operation, maintenance, third parties subcontracts, etc.) to verify and report the main highlights, potential risks and draft final conclusions.

Clients to include:
- Financial Entities such as Unicredit;
- Sovereign Funds such as the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority;
- Asset Management Companies such as Brookfield or Sacyr; and
- Private Pension Funds such as Universities Superannuation Scheme or the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.

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